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If a stray or feral cat survives kitten hood, the average lifespan is less than two years whereas a pet cats can live anywhere from 12-20 years! We at ACCR believe that every cat and kitten deserve a second chance at life to enjoy and experience the comfort and safety of a forever home. All rescue personal are strictly volunteer and work tirelessly for the love and safety of these helpless and suffering animals.

Another Chance Cat Rescue was founded on 7-7-2011 by Mina as a no kill free roaming shelter ran by volunteers . We do not receive grants at this time and operate solely from donations and adoption fees. We take many animals off the streets and save many of our foster babies from euthanasia at kill shelters. We manage 225 plus feral cats throughout the city . Managing includes spay neuter and providing food water daily and shelters to the feral cat colonies.

If you would like to donate to our cause we are a 501C3 tax deductible organization  . Please send donations to Another Chance Cat Rescue P.O. Box 8526 Kansas City, MO 64114. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Volunteers needed 8 to noon, 7 days a week.

323 West 79th Terr KC MO 64114

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